Where to Buy

Where to Buy

Currently, we offer our vegetables through three channels:

Retail Stores

Our retail stores currently include:

What is CSA?

Announcement: We will be launching our 2021 CSA program around February/March 2021.  Sign up to our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to find out as soon as we open our registration!

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a program where the risks and bounty of farming are shared between the farmer and the community.  Community members purchase ‘Shares’ of the farm produce early in the season, and in return are provided with vegetables by the farmer over the growing season.  

A typical CSA share at Brave Child Farm extends over 16 weeks, and may look like the following:

Sweet Peppers
Yard Long Beans
Shungiku (Chrysanthemum)
Yu Choi Sum
Yard Long Beans
Shishito Peppers
Mizuna Greens
Water Melons
Sweet Corn
Shishito Peppers
Yard Long Beans
Dried Corn
Asian Greens
Dried Beans
Brussel Sprouts
Chinese Cabbage (Hakusai)
Hot Peppers (Takanotsume)


When signing up and purchasing a CSA, all members agree to the following terms.

The farmer(s) as a relational agreement with its members will: 

  • Grow vegetables using ecologically responsible methods,
  • Bring in a weekly supply of vegetables, and
  • Send weekly email updates about the expected harvest.

A person (the CSA Member) purchasing a share in the farmer’s weekly harvest, and in doing so gain the opportunity to share in the seasonal abundance of a local BC farm.  A CSA Member agrees to:

  • recognize that farming is a seasonal and unpredictable undertaking, and the exact selections and quantities included in the weekly distribution will change as the season progresses,
  • agree to share in the fluctuations and variations inherent in farming,
  • agree to pick up produce at the agreed upon place and time (A member may also make arrangements for a friend to pick up their share in their absence. If the produce is not picked up and prior arrangements have not been made, that weeks’ share will be forfeited and Brave Child Farm will not be able to hold or deliver the share in any circumstance),
  • understand that the farmers will use all the expertise and tools at their disposal to provide the agreed-upon length of harvest and to minimize the challenges of weather, pests or plant disease, but in the event that forces of nature reduce or destroy a crop will accept this with understanding, 
  • agree to pay for the year’s produce in advance, understand that non-payment of any installments will not result in a refund, and will result in forfeiture of any unpaid harvest weeks, and
  • agree to share the risks of farming with the farmer and other members, but also in the rewards of a bountiful season. 

Message us through our ‘Contact‘ Page to find out more.